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Titelbild Streugutlagerhalle unten 1

grit storage barns

timber constructed salt barns for

dry storage of large amounts of deicing salt

  • clear door heights up to 9 m
  • Clear hall heights of up to 9.30 m
  • long lifetime
  • no corrosion problems
  • cost-effective system construction



why using timber

  • high UV resistance
  • salt does not attack wood, it preserves it
  • renewable and natural raw material
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large hall and gate heights

  • clear door heights up to 9m
  • trucks can tip their load fully
  • no collision damage to the roof structure

corrosion resistance

  • all salt contacted parts are timber made
  • external gate rail
  • stainless steel fasteners

side roof

  • inexpensive storage option
  • self-supported without bracings
  • storage space for plugs, spreaders, etc.

maintenance and inspection

  • review and control of relevant parts
  • creation of a status report
  • offer of repairs that may be necessary

repair and reconditioning

  • renewal of defective components
  • reduce downtime
  • extension of service life

protective paint for FRP tanks

  • painting of existing FRP tanks
  • preservation UV protection
  • extension service life

maintenance contract

  • early wear detection
  • guarantee of operational safety
  • preferred treatment in an event of a fault

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