We are also happy to offer you our products at low-cost financing terms.

Our professional cooperation partner in this area is the companylvkommunal logo min

Financing types

  • Financing
  • Hire purchase
  • Leasing
  • Protection of your liquidity
    Leasing contracts prevent a one-time high outflow of liquidity.
  • Tax savings
    Leasing rates are off-balance sheet and immediately as operating expenses
    tax deductible.
  • Transparent contracts
    Term and rates are fixed from the start and make up the cost of
    Calculable beginning to end.
  • Costs correspond to benefits
    The leasing contract is based on the desired useful life
    designed. Use your acquisition e.g. only in winter service
    we extend the contract to this use.
  • Strengthening the equity ratio
    The positive effect on the equity ratio is for the rating at
    Banks of great importance. In the course of Basel III, this will also be the case for
    small and medium-sized companies increasingly important.

We can only offer these services to customers from Germany