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brine saturator

brine saturator with a large salt reservoir

for fully automatic brine production of large quanities

  • dissolving capacity up to 10,000 l/h
  • brine production per salt load of 120,000 – 500,000 l
  • separated salt dissolving and salt storage area
  • system operation by modern color display
  • maintenance work through online access



filling with salt

  • easy filling by silo truck
  • salt supplier fills independently
  • salt storage capacity 25 – 100m³

process security

  • separate dissolving and salt storage area
  • high dissolving rates with fine-grained salts
  • revisable regardless of salt level

digital operator display

  • central system administration
  • presentation of user-relevant data
  • clear and modern color display
Online Support durch den Holten Service

HOLTEN service online access

  • online support for questions
  • maintenance work and software updates
  • troubleshooting remotely

control loading pump

  • robust control panel at each loading point
  • start / stop operation with 2 buttons
  • limit switch for autom. pump stop

loading hose with gallows

  • loading hose with coupling
  • hose boom made of stainless steel
  • ergonomic working for operators

brine holding tanks FRP

  • holding capacity 15 – 200 m³
  • standing and lying design
  • double skinned incl. leak detection

brine purification

  • separation of insoluble parts
  • extra dissolution stage to obtain clear brine
  • perfect brine usability for brine sprayers

maintenance and repair

  • maintenance of all brands
  • creation of a maintenance report
  • renewal of defective components

spare part shipping

  • over 3,000 parts permanently in stock
  • same-day dispatch by 3 p.m.
  • spare parts of all common brands
Eschenbach ohne Logo vorher-nachher

protective coating

  • painting of existing FRP tanks
  • preservation UV protection
  • extension service life

maintenance contract

  • early wear detection
  • guarantee of operational safety
  • preferred treatment in an event of a fault

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